About company
The Testing Center "Omega" is a modern enterprise with a unique long-term experience in testing equipment for information and communication technologies, navigation, satellite and terrestrial communication systems, and television and radio broadcasting..
The development of projects and solutions
The Testing Center "Omega" occupies a special place in the structure of the industry. Employees of the enterprise conducts the most complex and specific tests, measurements and studies of the parameters of radio communication equipment, radio electronic and electrical equipment in conditions most closely approximated to the conditions of their operation for compliance with national, interstate, European and international standards.
The continuity of generations
TC "Omega" preserves the traditions of the past years in testing high-tech equipment based on the knowledge of experienced specialists. A new generation of highly professional specialists has been trained, aimed at constant technical development and achieving a leading position in the market of services in testing instrumentation products.

 TC "Omega" passed the accreditation procedure as a test laboratory (TL) and certification body (CB) of products and quality management systems, according to which the results of the Federal Agency for accreditation were issued certificates and RA.RU.21ИР01, RA.RU.11ЭМ03, RA.RU.13СМ45.
The scope of accreditation of theTC "Omega"   included regulations on communications, as well as the technical regulations of the Customs Union:
"On the safety of low voltage equipment" TR CU 004/2011
"Electromagnetic compatibility of technical means" TR CU 020/2011
"On the safety of wheeled vehicles" TR CU 018/2011
"On the safety of machinery and equipment" TR CU 010/2011
Certification Body of Quality Management Systems, NIIR provides certification of quality management systems for compliance with GOST ISO 9001-2015.

We invite manufacturers, distributors and all other interested parties to mutually beneficial cooperation on the basis of a qualified and efficient conduct of the work on the production confirmation, including tests in our own accredited test laboratory and certification of quality management systems.