History center
The history of Testing Center "Omega" (TC "Omega") dates back to 1968, when radio factory (later "Monsoon" NGOs) build the base of the test center for the enterprises of the Military Industrial Complex was started - developers and manufacturers of radio communication equipment Marine and land mobile service.

Since 1970, the laboratory is testing equipment to confirm its compliance with the requirements of the International Maritime Organization (the IMO) Global Maritime Distress System (GMDSS).

A feature of the center is its recognition in the Programme of the COSPAS-SARSAT - International Satellite System rescue distressed ships and aircraft, which is part of the GMDSS. Since 1994, the laboratory is part of a list of four (now - five) laboratories in the world, recognized by the COSPAS-SARSAT Secretariat for conducting testing of 406 MHz for type approval.

November 1991 to December 2014 as an independent laboratory operated state enterprise PE TC "Omega", which functioned in the composition accredited for compliance with the international standards for laboratory testing, product certification body and certification body of quality management systems.

For the whole history of its activity TC "Omega" has become a modern laboratory complex - technically equipped and independent conformity assessment body, provides services for testing and certification of various products of electric and electronic equipment of high technology on the requirements established by law.

Center received official recognition on the part  Russian, European and international organizations of accreditation: the Federal Service of accreditation of the Russian Federation, the Ministry of Transport of the Russian Federation (Federal State Unitary Enterprise "Morsviazsputnik"), the Register Maritime Shipping Russia, River Register of Russia, as well as the Secretariat of the international satellite system rescue "COSPAS-SARSAT" (Canada), the British certification body in telecommunications (BABT), the US Federal communications Commission (the FCC), the US Coast guard (the USCG) , the Administration of communications and informatization of Australia (ACMA), industry Canada (IC).

The center also has practical experience in product testing, which is covered by the European Directive 99/5 / EC (of Radio Equipment) Directive 2006/95 / EC (Low Voltage) and 2004/108 / EC (electromagnetic compatibility).

Today, as a result of organizational and legal measures, IC "Omega" with all its accumulated knowledge, skills, experience and technical equipment moved to the Federal State Unitary Enterprise of the Order of Red Banner of Labor Research Institute of Radio advanced, the largest Science and Technology Center in communications industry, becoming its branch.

Testing Center "Omega" - branch of FSUE NIIR has advanced test and measurement equipment from leading manufacturers of measuring instruments. We have a unique test facilities, including shielded anechoic and semi-anechoic chamber. And most importantly, we have a qualified staff, competent in matters of the independent technical examination and testing of products of domestic and foreign production in compliance with national, European and international standards.

We are proud of our achievements in the specialization and knowledge of the issues of highly diverse product tests for electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) and its testing on resistance to weathering and mechanical stress environment, including the specific type.

The archive TC "Omega" has actualized database of national, interstate and international standards and rules (GOST, GOST R, 
IEC, EN, ETSI, ITU,  etc.), Containing the technical requirements and test methods for a wide range of radio and electronic products.

Having a close business ties with colleagues in different countries, we can provide a full range of services from testing to certification of your product for its delivery to themarkets of Russian, the countries of the Customs Union and other CIS countries, as well as the European Union, USA, Canada, Australia.

Our center will provide expert evaluation of products for compliance with regulatory documents. The work on conformity assessment in the IC "Omega" there are technical experts in the various activities in accordance with the scope of accreditation.